International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences





produce in plant’s organ and Nitrogen effect on dry matter maize varieties cultivar biological yield
Abbas Mehardad Lomer, Valida Ali-zade


Effect of estradiol on Photosynthetic pigments, proline and sugars in fennel

A. Sherafatmandjour, M. Khorshidi* and A. Abavisani


Effect of Olive Leaf Extract on Growth and Viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum for Production of Probiotic Milk and Yoghurt

Mohammad Hossein Marhamatizadeh*, Elham Ehsandoost, Paria Gholami Mohammad Davanyan Mohaghegh


Cadmium in Plants: A Review

Seyed Meysam Hoseini* and Fatemeh Zargari


Effect of Seed Priming by Pyridoxine on Biochemical Activity and Germination Indices of Melon Under Drought Stress

Ehsan Sadeghi*, Pezhman Moradi and Davood Eradatmand Asli


The effect of seed priming by ascorbic acid on bioactive compounds of naked Seed pumpkin (Cucurbita pepovar. styriaca) under salinity stress

Reza Fazlali*, Davood Eradatmand Asli and Pezhman Moradi


The Effect of Distance from Submerged Vanes to the Intake at Different Angles of Vanes on Controlling the Sediment Entering the Intake Branching from a 90° Convergent Bend

Gh. Beygipoor, M. Shafaei Bajestan, H.A. Kaskuli and S. Nazari


The influence of Green Tea(Camellia sinensis L.) Extract on characteristic of probiotic bacteria in milk and yoghurt during fermentation and refrigerated storage

Mohammad Hossein Marhamatizadeh*, Elham Ehsandoost, Paria Gholami


Effect of putrescine on MDA, proline and sugars in Matricaria chamomilla

M. Khorshidi*, A. Kousha, M. Alemi


Effect of putrescine on antioxidative properties in Matricaria chamomilla

M. Khorshidi*


Study of yield and yield component of barley promising lines and variations through factor analysis

Ali Asghar Azizi*, Reza Taghi zadeh and Marefat Ghasemi


A survey on correlation and path coefficient analysis between yield and yield components of cultivars and early advanced average potato clones in spring cultivation of Ardebil region

Mozhghan Khedmati*, Davoud Hassanpanah and Reza Taghi zadeh


Evaluate the germination variables of barley lines and varieties in response to humic priming

Babak Sadeghieh*, Reza Shahryari, Ali Akbar Imani and Marefat Ghasemi


Study on the most important agronomical traits of 13 tomato cultivars through factor analysis

Behzad Daneshvar ghorbani*, Mohammad Zaefizadeh, Ali Akbar Jannat Abadi and Farrokh Karimi


Evaluate the yield and its components in the second cultivation of different varieties of soybean in Moghan

Tofigh Zadfattah-Jelodar*, Jalil Ajli and Mehdi Mehrpouyan


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