International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences





QTLs Mapping of Morpho-Physiological Traits of Flag Leaf in Steptoe × Morex Doubled Haploid Lines of Barley in Normal and Salinity Stress Conditions
Habibeh Shahraki* and Barat Ali Fakheri


Influence of boric acid, sucrose and temperature on the germination of Leonurus cardiaca L., pollen

Aydin Shekari, Vahideh Nazeri*, Majid Shokrpour


Effect of nano potassium fertilizer on some parchment pumpkin(Cucurbita pepo) morphological and physiological characteristics under drought conditions

Fatemeh safavi gerdini


Impact of inorganic, organic fertilizer and mulch to the physical and chemical characteristics of soil and production of Red Onion of Palu Valley Variety

Nur Alam*, Abdul Latief Abadi, M. Luthfi Rayes, Elok Zubaidah


The Impact of Biological and Chemical Phosphate Fertilizer on Some Morphological Traits and Green Cover Percentage of Moldavian Balm

Mehrdad Yarnia and Zahra Sabzi-mehrabad*


Intra-specific diversity of Stachys inflata; A Survey on floristic-ecologic variation for different populations in Hamedan province of Iran

Elham Jahandideh, Abdolkarim Chehregani Rad, Marziyeh Hoseini


Assessing Groundwater Resources Nitrate Contamination Using Time Series Analyses SARIMA Modeling

M. Khorasani, M. Ehteshami*, M. Salari


Determination of appropriate grid dimension for assessment and mapping of woody Species Diversity using Geostatistical method in Zagros Forest, Iran

A. Zohrevandi*, H. Pourbabaei, R. Akhavan, A. E. Bonyad


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