International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences

Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences (IJFAS)¬†is an ‘Open Access’ Journal to provide information in the areas of Agriculture and Rural Development. The main objective is to publish findings from the research experience of Scientists working in all the fields of agriculture including:

Agricultural Economics

  • Agricultural Economic Theory and Policy
  • Agricultural Market
  • Agricultural R&D and Extension
  • Employment, Labour use and Migration
  • Agribusiness
  • Rural Scoiology, Agricultural Sociology
  • Development of Rural Non-agricultural Industries
  • Resource Economics and Environment Protection
  • Rural Household Behaviour

Agricultural Finance

  • Agricultural Lending and Credit Issues
  • Microfinance and Microcredit applied to Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Businesses and Financial Risks affecting Agriculture and Agribusiness
  • Risk Management Strategies including the use of Futures and Options

Crop Sciences

Forestry Management

Plant-Silvy Culture

Animal Sciences

Fishery Management

Soil Science

Soil and Water Conservation

Agricultural Engineering

Food Processing

Post-Harvest Technology


Chemistry of pesticides,

Veterninary drugs

Plant growth regulators

Metabolism, toxicology and environmental safe



Agricultural Biotechnology 


Farm managements

Biochemistry & Agricultural Chemistry

Plant Breeding & Genetics

Plant Pathology


Contact Information

Authors are required to submit their papers in MS-Word form on the following email address:
or submit online via website

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