International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences





Effect of Sitophilus oryza on wheat cultivars
Kabir Eyidozehi, Sultan Ravan, Khashayar Rigi*, Yaser Narouyi and Hamid Reza Zamen Chashak


Antioxidative properties in two maize cultivar under low temperature

M. Khorshidi* and SJ. Moafi


Interaction between genotype and geographic region for milk production traits in Tunisian Holstein cattle

A. Hamrouni, M. Djemali and S. Bedhiaf


An efficient protocol for genomic DNA extraction from Capparis Spinosa L

Nasim Karampour* and Anita Namaiande


Energy efficiency for open-field grape production in Iran using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach

Saeid Sattari-Yuzbashkandi*, Sadegh Khalilian and Seyed Abolghasem Mortazavi


Discriminating defected and sound fruits of olive according to external damage area using image processing techniques

Amir-Hossein Afkari-Sayyah, Hossein Azarmdel, Mansour Rasekh and Tarahom Mesri-Gundoshmian


Olive classification according to RGB, HSV and L*a*b* color parameters using Image processing technique

Hossein Azarmdel*, Amir-Hossein Afkari-Sayyah, Hossein Ghaffari and Amir Alipasandi


The Impact of Different Plant Training Systems on Quantitative and Qualitative Parameters of Greenhouse Tomato Cultivars

Sibgol Khoshkam*, Zari Seyedi and Ahmad Aeen


Combined effects of zeolite, humic acid and potassium sulphate on yield and qualitative characters of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Mahyar Ghannad, Shahram Ashraf* and Zarin Taj Alipour


The comparison of Encapsulated Lactobacillus Acidophilus by Calcium Alginate 4 % , Mixture of Alginate-high Maize Resistant Starch with Added Uncapsulated Bacteria to Symbiotic Mayonnaise

Ehsan Bigdelian, Seyyed Hadi Razavi, Mohammad Hojjatoleslamy and Mohammad Ali Shariati


Study on the Effect of Saccharose Replacement by Mixture of Maltodextrin-Stevioside on Microstructre Properties of Ghotab

Amir Pouya Ghandehari Yazdi, Mohammad Hojjatoleslamy*, Leila Sedaghat and Mohammad Ali Shariati


Effects of Different Sowing Times, Irrigation Intervals and Sowing Methods on Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)

Morteza Ghannad, Hamid Madani* and Hosein Hasanpour Darvishi


Investigating the Cause of Reducing Iran Country Share in Global Cotton Production Using of Parametric Method

Maryam Hasanvand*, Mosayeb Bavali, Ali Kermatzadeh and Sina Ahmadi Kaliji


Improving salinity tolerance in an open-pollinated sugar beet population

Abdolmajid Khorshidi*, Mohsen Niazkhani, Iraj Bernousi and Abazar Rajabi


Increasing of productivity of production sources via connected lands usage of modern irrigation method. (use study in Selsele township)

Zahra Amiri* and Ebrahim Kakolvand


Effect of complementary irrigation on agronomic attributes of wheat varieties in different growth stages in Lorestan-Honam areas

Ebrahim Kakolvand & Zahra Amiri


Inspecting of planting date effect on percentage and yield of canola seed oil research study in Selsele township

Zahra amiri* & Ebrahim kakolvand


Putting together of native knowledge with modern technologies, away innovational management of natural source

Zahra Amiri* & Ebrahim Kakolvand


Effect of gibberellic acid on growth and development plants and its relationship with abiotic stress

Malihe Mahmoody and Mohsen Noori*


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