International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences





Evaluating the effective of barriers and restrictions on applying precision agriculture in sari’s rice field (Iran), from the view of agriculture jihad’s experts
Eman pourkhiz*, valiolah azizifar and saeed dadashi


Evaluation of grain Yield and Nitrogen efficiency indexes in different plant densities and different nitrogen levels in maize (Zea Mays L.) hybrid 704

N. Niknam*, H. Farajee and Hamideh pourbehi


Effects of Nitrogen fertilizer on yoeld and som physiological charachteristics on two drought resistance and susceptible wheat (Tritticum aestivum L.) cultivars in response to water stress

Masoud Karimpour, Adel Siosemardeh*, Hamid Fateh, Hedie Badakhshan and Gholamreza Heidari


Changes in number of seed and seed yield of barley, s genotypes under drought stress and normal irrigation condition

Ali Soleymani* and Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian


Study the effects of relay cropping on yield and yield components, growth length, light interception and solar radiation depreciation of different species of Brassica

Ali Soleymani* and Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian


Effect of Benzo (1,2,3) thiadiazole-7- carbothioic acid S- methyl ester (BTH) on biochemical responses of wheat seedlings infected by Fusarium culmorum

Arezoo Akbari Vafaii*, Saghar Ketabchi and Ali Moradshahi


The study of changes resulting from the construction of spur over the Shoteyt River (Iran) on hydraulic parameters of water level and flow rate using MIKE11 model

Mohammad Heidarnejad*, Ebrahim Zalaqi and Mehdi Nadri


Evaluation of the essential oil composition of Salvia officinalis L. by different drying methods in full flowering stages

Vahid Rowshan and Sharareh Najafian*


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